About Dr. Albaugh

Dr. Glen Albaugh has created a unique Applied Sport Psychology Consulting Service for a wide range of professional and amateur golfers. Glen taught sports psychology at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California for 28 years where he coached the Pacific Tigers golf team. It was during this time, while working with the finest sports psychologists, coaches and golf instructors in the world, that he formulated the basis for the principles in his renowned book, which was authored with Michael Bowker, Winning the Battle Within. These principles have been refined over the years through applications and consultations with established touring pros, and a broad-base of amateurs – juniors to elite.

By establishing structure in pre, post and in-between shot routines, Glen gives golfers the ability to apply his most profound insight “the perfect swing is the one you trust”. In Winning the Battle Within – the book and workshop/consultations – Glen features quality practice, managing thoughts and emotions, and self-coaching strategies that  improve performance. Glen also takes you on a journey into the inner game where you’ll experience drills to improve your rhythm and tempo. And you’ll learn about the “zone;” what it is, how to get there, and how to stay there.

Stepping down from coaching at Pacific in 1992, Albaugh stepped right into a new golf career, in the role of sports psychologist and author of “Winning The Battle Within.”  His highly respected work has been sought out by elite tour pros and dedicated amateurs alike – as well as one of the greatest football coaches in history, Bill Walsh, who was a friend of Albaugh’s going back to their days together as undergrads at San Jose State. His popular coaching education workshops and consultations reach numerous numerous NCPGA golf professionals and college golf coaches, notable among them,  Anne Walker, Stanford, Nancy McDaniel, Cal, Conrad Ray, Stanford, Cy Williams UC Davis , John Dunning, Stanford’s Women’s volleyball coach and Pete Carroll, coach of the Seattle Seahawks.

Dr, Albaugh is teaming with Eric Jones  with a new book, “The Clutch Golfer Formula,” a cutting edge mental training manual. Michael Bowker is the author of eight books on sports and a variety of other topics. He has also contributed to more than 1,000 articles in publications such as Golf Magazine, Outside Magazine, and the Los Angeles Times. Bowker can be reached at: Mbowker@Inreach.com.

Eric Jones : 2014 NCPGA Teacher of the year. Best selling author with Five Keys for Distance, Play Strategic Golf, How to Make a Yardage Book and Practice Like the Pros. He is a sought after speaker, a Masters Long Drive champion  in 2004 and Super Seniors Long Drive Champion in 2012. He is a Class A golf professional with a Masters Degree in Applied Sport Psychology.

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