Charlie Wi Jumps Up FedEx List

After making 12 birdies in 36 holes at the US Open qualifier at Del Paso, CC in Sacramento, and just missing the play at Pebble Beach, Charlie has vaulted to the top echelon of tour players with strong play at The Travelers Championship and 4that the AT&T National.

Being in contention with 9 holes to play is one of Charlie’s goals, and that has held true the last two weeks. “In contention comes first and wins will follow,” says the 9 time worldwide winner.

By fully embracing the teachings of Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett, Charlie has developed a repeatable swing that he can trust under pressure. Through Winning The Battle Within, he has learned to execute his swing with a fail-safe pre-shot routine (link) – seeing the shots and feeling the swings that match what he sees. That’s a powerful combination that will bring him to the winner’s circle once again.

You can do the same. Commit to a swing coach who fits your style and needs. Take the lessons, and most importantly, like Charlie has done, do the practice necessary to learn the skill. Then develop a pre-shot routine that will lead you to consistent execution.

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