Closers – Eric Jones Interview [podcast] part 2

When you are down to the last shot …

And it’s do or die …

How do you come through in the clutch?

In this second-part of my “Closers” interview series you’ll learn the two key things Eric Jones did to seize the day. He happened to be competing for the World Championship.

But it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to win a $5.00 nassau or sink a downhill 6-footer to break 80 for the first time – the principles are the same.

To download, right-click Eric Jones Interview Part 2,
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Listen to this interview and think about how you could apply Eric’s preparation strategy and his target focus to improve your own scores.

Then, please send me an email or leave a comment below with your thoughts and impressions. I’d even like to hear your own stories of what you did to be the “Closer” and come through in the clutch.

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PS – Eric has created a wonderful training program to help golfers hit longer, straighter drives. It’s the same training program he uses to prepare for his World Championship tournament every year. If you follow his training program, I believe you’ll learn to hit the ball farther. With your driver … and with all your clubs.

I’ve used his program, and dozens of my clients have used it as well, with great success. It’s a program every golfer should have. The fundamentals he covers will help everybody.

5Keys-book-paperback-w1005-keys-product-dvdBut as a Sport Psychologist I’m especially impressed with his descriptions of the Pre-Shot Routine and the Post-Shot Routine. They’re the best I’ve ever read.

(It’s clear all the mentoring I’ve done with Eric had an effect … :))

Learn about Eric’s training program – THE 5 KEYS TO DISTANCE – by clicking the link. The program comes complete with a Book, DVD, and Online Training Site, and costs less than an hour lesson with the pro.

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