Clutch Golfer Formula

  The Art and Science of Coaching Worksop
The workshop highlight was the collaboration between enlightened coaches/teachers and the presenters.
John Dunning: 5 national championships at Pacific and Stanford; How, during his five national championship years he learned to augment his legendary technique coaching with the mental game. A philosophy which fits all sport team coaching.
Eric Jones: NCPGA 2004 teacher of the year: “The Clutch Golfer Formula”..eBook with Dr. Glen Albaugh…Here is a step by step approach for helping your players to hit their best shots and play their best golf when it counts most.
To learn more about the Clutch Golfer Formula, or to set up a session, contact Glen
Laird Small: 2003 PGA teacher of the year…numerous regional honors: By using scientifically-validated approaches that a swing will always be in some variable form, from day to day., practice and coaching/teaching can take on a more constructive approach. Coaching Flexibility beats Consistency
Nancy McDaniel: Has lead national recognized Cal Bears Women Golf for 20 years:
Preparing your players for high-level play with drills and culture building which transition to on course play.
Kevin Sverduk: A leading sport performance coach from Southern Calif. Introduced techniques and strategies for creating a blueprint for a practice to performance transfer through data recording and tracking.

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