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A native of Northern California and golfer from age 7, my game developed
organically and without much of the structure and regimen of today’s players.
I received my undergraduate degree at Pacific in 1980 while playing varsity
golf for 4 years under the watchful eye of Dr. Albaugh. My graduate work
coincided with Dr. Albaugh’s sabbatical so I stepped in as interim golf coach
and the real foundation for WBWGolf was developing for me.

Golf and business have always gone hand in hand. WBWGolf will help
your top achievers increase their performance and enjoyment in both work and

I went into the promotional advertising industry after school in 1982 and
to this day our company
is passionate about helping corporate clients meet their business objectives
in creative ways.

As I approached my 50th
birthday in 2008, and into the 2012
season Dr. Albaugh has been assisting me on my personal golf
pursuit toward the
champions tour. This refocus on WBWGolf coupled with 25
years of work with corporate
America, has allowed me to
bridge golf, work and life with WBWGolf programs for high achievers in the
business world.

At your next offsite
meeting, would you like to inspire your executive and sales teams to live
more productive and happier lives?

Now the remarkable
success of WBWGolf is being brought to corporate
America and there are 4
ways to experience it:

1) Tee Prize:
WBWGolf makes a great Tee
Prize and you can arrange to have Dr. Albaugh on hand to personally sign
each copy as they are handed out!

2) Seminar:
90 Minute discussion on
the philosophies of WBWGolf lead by the author, Dr. Glen Albaugh. You may
have an unlimited number of participants and a book signing follows the

3) Workshop:
Limited to 12
participants, this 4 hour workshop presents the WBWGolf principals by
moderator Kris Baxter with on the practice range applications! 12 signed
copies of the book are included.

4) Custom Corporate Event:
An event designed and
dedicated to your culture and objectives. We integrate your messaging into a
WBWGolf lecture or workshop to specifically reinforce key elements. Dr.
Albaugh’s engaging and humorous personality will assure a memorable and
meaningful experience.

Contact Kris Baxter at Blagency for more information or to
schedule your next event:
  Phone: 650-568-6130 x302 or email: