Developing The Resilient Competitor: Seminar for Inner-Game Coaching

77e2366e-04f2-4549-9143-37f92cce9344Seminar: For Golf Coaches and Golf Professionals

Seminar Director: Dr. Glen Albaugh, Expert Inner Game Performance Coach.

Date: Monday, November 9, 2015…9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Place: The Reserve at Spanos Park; Conference Room & Practice Areas
Fee: $125 includes, lunch, continental breakfast and the Seminar Handbook.
Space is Limited

Staff: Eric Jones, 2014 NCPGA Teacher of the year, and

Dr. Kevin Sverkuk, noted Southern California Sport Psychologist for college level players and teams.

A Coaching Dilemma: Everything seems perfect yet shots go left and right, solid contact disappears, the swing which felt and looked effortless over a series of holes disappears. Frustration sets in. And “I haven’t got a #*?% clue” dominates each player’s thoughts. Being in the zone, great ball striking, consistent high level play, or whatever it’s called, is lost.

There is a Solution!: It begins by thinking about coaching technique, preparaton for competition, or the use of technology differently than you did even five years ago. Because you’ll not be able to quarantine your players from information or influences from other sources, the coach of the future will be a trusted mentor, a facilitator for learning. The era of “fix it” coaching has joined balata balls and persimon woods as historic relics.

Coaching for Resilience is a starting point.
The Resilient Competitor platform is supported by the 3 legs of: Emotional Management, Rhythm & Tempo, and Self Coaching. A player needs to be grounded Emotionally first, then build a Rhythm and Tempo skill set, and finally, to be able to Self-Coach to deal with the adversity of each round.

Resiliency is the final product: producing a strong, mentally tough, self-regulated, quick to recover, irrepressible, buoyant, and confident player.

This is an Interactive Seminar: During lecture, discussions and hands-on coaching settings, sessions will feature your compelling coaching experiences integrated with the latest that performance science has to offer.

NCPGA and LPGA continuing education credit.
Winning The Battle Within Coaching “The Inner-Game” certificationbf24e65f-3d61-4dcb-8737-ee54539edd6a

Topics and Seminar Schedule

8:15: Conference Room: Registration, continental breakfast

9:00: Conference Room

Up-to-date Brain Research: how golf skills are learned and performed
The origins of Rhythm and Tempo
Developing Awareness
External and Internal feedback
A platform to facilitate Learning and Self-Discovery
A Coaching Philosophy for the future
The genesis for Self-Coaching
Suspending Judgment

References: Shoemaker, Nilsson/Marriott, Hebron, Schmidt, Albaugh, Yellin, McKenzie, Jones, Sverduk, Dowd

10:30: On the Range:
Coaching the Inner-game
Developing Awareness
Rhythm and Tempo.

12:15: Lunch

12:45: Conference Room
Understanding your Emotional Landscape
HeatMath Protocols.
Contemplative Practices (centering, mindfulness, meditation).

1:15: On the range:
Application of self-regulation and contemplative practices with self-coaching for performance.

2:30: Summary;
Selling a Resilience Competitor package of Emotional Management, Rhythm and Tempo, and Self-Coaching to your players.

Reserve your spot:
Pay by credit card, or check….Albaugh Enterprises
1324 Mill Way, Stockton, CA 95209

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