Embrace The Inner Game: Become A Resilient Competitor

Embrace The Inner Game: Become A Resilient Competitor
A Player’s Dilemma: This could be any of us. Everything seems perfect. You have a repeatable swing you trust. Your clubs are the latest technology. You love the course, and you’ve prepared well. And yet, shots go left and right, solid contact disappears, the swing which felt effortless over a series of holes disappears. Frustration sets in. And you say to yourself, “I haven’t got a #*?% clue.” Being in the zone, great ball
striking, consistent high level play, or whatever it’s called, is lost.

But there is a Solution: With the strategies you’ll be introduced to at Winning The Battle Within, you’ll develop that level of resilience you need to manage those moments when your swing seems irretrievable.

The Resilient Competitor platform is supported by the 3 legs of: Emotional Management, Rhythm & Tempo and Self Coaching. A player needs to be grounded Emotionally first, then build a Rhythm and Tempo skill set, and finally, to be able to Self-Coach to deal with the adversity of the round. Resiliency is the final product: a strong, mentally tough, quick to recover, irrepressible, buoyant, and confident player.

Plan for your Resilient Competitor package. Sign up now for a 
Two hour introductory lesson at glen@wbwgolf.com
Topics include;
  • Up-to-date Brain Research..
  • How golf skills are learned and performed..
  • The origins of Rhythm and Tempo.
  • Developing awareness through inner game drills
  • Understanding external and internal feedback.
  • Self-Coaching: fail-safe pre, post and in-between shot routines.
  • Performance practice.
  • Emotional Management: Questionnaires, HeartMath protocols
Consultations and lessons will be held on the practice areas, the golf course and in the classroom.

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