Eric Jones Is Master of his World

Learn how Eric Jones will be “master of his world’ and the 2010 Master’s
Long Drive Champion. Target Centered Golf. To be certain that his fluid and powerful swing will be automatic, he has added another creative piece to his performance package.
He’ll be in the present more quickly, and deep into his imagination where he stores millions of experiences including dazzling past performances and a world-class long drive swing. He’ll operate subconsciously, processing simultaneously, a positive emotional state, target awareness and a trusting swing.
From a set of pictures developed by the Zurich Resource Model, Eric selected the Lion and with it a state motto of “I’m master of my world.” The motto was combined with word associations like power, fluid, “on the edge,” confidence, and trust to stimulate his subconscious where automatic swings reside and are recalled.
Each time he looks at the Lion and the subconscious reminders, he’ll repeatedly fire and build the neuro-pathways, which allow him to enter and stay in the high performance state that he needs for the competition.
He’ll be “master of his world.”

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