Eric Jones NCPGA Teacher of the Year 2014

Eric Jones 2003 World Long Drive Champion
A full text of the Introduction: Eric Jones, NCPGA Teacher of the Year, December 7, 2014, Silver Creek Valley Country Club.
    I’m delighted to introduce my friend, colleague and mentor, Eric Jones, as the NCPGA, 2014, teacher of the year.

     My Eric Jones story begins in 2004 when we met to discuss his interest in Applied Sport Psychology (ASP). He described his vision for teaching golf, which would combine ASP principles with traditional golf teaching. I was very intrigued.

He hadn’t started the PGA program yet, but he had enrolled in the John F. Kennedy University Applied Sport Psychology Master’s program. He asked me to be his mentor. I was fascinated by the challenge ahead of him and signed on. Eric’s goal was to be among the leaders of a cultural shift in teaching golf to a more performance based package.

For the next few years we spent considerable time together while I worked with players, and conducted workshops. During that period, He read every word of the early drafts of Winning The Battle Within, and offered profound insights.

     Eric felt that he’d have to do more than teach technique positions if his students were to perform at higher levels. He envisioned that a clientele would be drawn to a performance based package which mixed technique with concepts from ASP/ inner game. His early coach program was ground breaking….offering supervised practice and on course coaching in a lesson package.

     He updated his coaching and teaching with writing and on line videos. His first book, Five Keys to Distance, became an industry best seller, and let me tell you five keys works. As of today, I’m up to 192 yards off the tee.. The 6th key, he shared confidentially, was to find landing spots at sprinkler heads. And he walks the walk. He won the Master’s division long drive world championship in 2002, and remarkably repeated in 2012.

     In addition to authoring five books – How To Practice Like the Pros is another good one -there is excellent content on his web site on inner-game topics like tempo, visualization, target awareness, etc..

Next, to add to his coaching programs, Eric embraced the emerging field of technology…his research on teaching using FlightScope leads the field.

Early on, Eric knew that technology and technique teaching, while important for the growth of a player, were but the price of admission to higher level play. They would, though, serve as the foundation for his performance based coaching, which he felt would surely help grow the game

We’ve continued to collaborate. An eBook, which we know you’ll all love, is due out next year. Trust Your Golf Swing.

In my extended experience as a coach and professor I’ve had an opportunity to mentor many students. I’ve learned that mentor ship shifts when students fly beyond their lessons, and that’s definitely the case with Eric and me. He has become my mentor. He’s introduced me to video on line lessons, to Internet marketing, to website presentation, and much more.

Finally, Eric’s content cuts across all aspects of improving your game…technique, technology and the inner game…his brand of teaching/coaching, has positively impacted the industry…he’s among the leaders of that cultural shift to performance……Eric is indeed a teacher/coach of vision… of this year and of more to come.

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