Flexibility Beats Consistency LEARNING

The content of Laird Small’s presentation at The Art and Science of Coaching Workshop

PGA tour players display remarkable precision and consistency. What makes this expertise more impressive is the fact that no two swings hit by the same golfer are identical. Research in biomechanics tells us that countless muscle cells and neurons are activated with the swing of a club and there is virtually no likelihood that the technique used is repeatable. Golfers who play with heightened precision and consistency do not have better and repeatable swings – they have more efficient self-organizing systems.

Mastering the game means learning how to produce consistent results with variable swings in ever changing conditions. We are equipped with a lightening fast and super powerful microprocessor called our brains that can detect alterations in positions of the club and produce effective adjustments on the fly. This self-organizing system can be developed through high quality practice that includes randomness, accountability, and clear intent. The purpose of this type of practice is not mastery of the swing. Rather something much more repeatable, mastery of performance.