Flowing Swings and Focus

Take a look at this interesting study done with experienced amateur players. Players were divided into four groups and asked to complete an accuracy test using a 7 iron. Group one did nothing new during the pre and post tests.

Group 2 was told to focus on the letters A, B, and C (this was just to see if a focus on anything made a difference), Group three was told to focus on three parts of their swings, and the last group was told to focus on the full fluid motion of a successful swing. It was interesting to note that in the group told to focus on three parts of their swing, the performance went down; it also went down for the focus on A, B, C group, and was neutral for the control group (did nothing new). The group that actually showed improvement was the group that was taught how to imagine their full fluid swings.

When a golfer (the last group) is hitting the internal sweet spots – when the timing is right, and the motion is smooth – there is less of the grinding inefficiency of multiplying mechanics, to accomplish the task. The quickest indication of a golfer set up to miss a shot, is the hurried move when thoughts are steaming into his/her consciousness. As an experienced golfer, stay securely anchored in the present, take your time, start only when you are ready, and imagine the feel of your swing in advance. You’ll be pleasantly surprised as to the flow and efficiency of your swing.

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