Using Winning The Battle Within

Winning The Battle Within by Dr. Glen Albaugh and Michael Bowker

If your members are searching for lower scores and more enjoyment, take a look at these special categories to create that experience for your membership.

1. Tee Prize WTBW makes a great Tee Prize and you can arrange to have Dr. Albaugh on hand to personally sign each copy!
2. Presentation
Dr. Albaugh will make a 60 minute Winning The Battle Within presentation on the principles of WBWgolf to an unlimited number of members.  Autographed Books will be available
3. Workshop:
Limited to 8-12 participants. This 6 hour workshop presenting the WBWgolf principles and their practice area applications!
4. Lessons:
As an added bonus for your students, include an autographed copy of Winning The Battle Within with your lesson. Books for $15 (25% discount)

For more information contact, or 209 473 8574