Get Your Game in Gear Now for 2017

JUMP START YOUR GAME with the Winning The Battle Within mental training program. 
If you’ve read Winning The Battle Within, or worked with Dr. Glen Albaugh previously, it’s time for a tune-up. Doc has developed new ways to guide you toward high-level play.

You’ll learn:
  • To be Clutch in pressure situations. 
  • To bounce back from on course mistakes.
  • To play as well on the course as you do on the    range.
  • How your Athletic Mind operates with lightening speed.
  • To walk into each shot with commitment, confidence and trust.
  • Receive a detailed plan for practice, which will enhance on course play.
  • To bring the thrill of competition back into your game.
The most trusted Practice and on Course Drills from the performance library of Winning The Battle Within will be featured.
Developed with Tour players,Scott McCarron,
Kirk Triplett, Charlie Wi, and Jeff Brehaut.
Scott McCarron, Champion of the Inner-Game
This is not a hocus promotion. It really works. 

Commit to a session now with Dr. Glen Albaugh @  Sessions are held at Stockton Golf & Country Club and at The Reserve, Spanos Park

Announcements: Dates coming soon.
“Coach of the Future Seminar”
“Trust Your Swing: eBook” with Eric Jones and Glen Albaugh

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