Golf Writers and Broadcaster Hall of Fame

 Dr. Glen Albaugh was honored for his long tenure as Golf Coach at The University of the Pacific, tutoring of a multitude of amateur golfers, mental training coach for Tour players and organizer of coaching seminars for the NCPGA.

Dr. Albaugh remarks: Thank you CGW&B for hosting another memorable evening

When my Father received an award at the age of 89, he told me it was because he had outlived all the others. But he added, that his longevity did not diminish the significance of the honor. Nor has it lessened the significance of this award for me. It is an honor I’ll cherish for a lifetime. Congratulations to each of tonight’s honorees, all have very deserving resumes.


Anna Temple UCD Coach, Glen, Anne Walker, Sanford Coach

During my coaching and teaching career, I’ve worked with many great players, students, clients….coaches, athletes and mentors. I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by a cast of extraordinary people.  Many of them are here tonight, and it’s important for me to share this tribute with them tonight. They opened their inner most thoughts to me and with that, the possibility to improve, to play and coach their games to another level. They trusted and embraced the new ways that I offered. That process of teaching, coaching to me, has been, and is, incredibly rewarding.
As Victor Frank said in Man’s Search For Meaning, “Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life that demands fulfillment and a specific opportunity to implement it.”

I knew from the beginning that coaching was my opportunity.

I helped to start the Salinas HS golf team in 1946, and still love to play. Shooting my age is cause for celebration. But it’s the coaching, which started at The University of the Pacific in 1971, which has given me the most gratification.
I coached a host of talented players at Pacific; most honed their skills in Northern California, and remain fixtures in Northern California Amateur events.
I was also teaching courses in sport psychology and searching for that magic link, between preparation and performance. The players were the first research subjects, and helped me discover the concepts that eventually became the foundation for our book, WTBW.
The tipping point for crystallizing that connection came when I read Golf In The Kingdom in 1973. I was immediately entranced by its messages. Mike Murphy, my high school friend, became one of my mentors. His teachings, along with others from the inner game, opened up new pathways where I discovered a way to play and coach the game from the inside. Groundwork for Winning the Battle Within became clearer.
Then professional golfers took me further up the path…

I make special mention of Scott McCarron and Charlie Wi, who have shared their wisdom with me for nearly two decades. And there are so many others who’ve played the tours, who invited me to explore their inner games. Next, players, of all ages, skill levels, joined in and made their personal commitments to WTBW.  .

 The final piece to WTBW came from the sport team coaches, golf coaches and golf professionals who have opened their teaching stations to me. They are my inner game collaborators.
Finally, I’m reminded of a conversation I had recently with a close friend and colleague. He said, we must be careful, glen, that we’re not the last ones on the dance floor with all our partners gone home.” We agreed, then, that to continue our life with meaning, to be sure that this would not be our last dance, we’ve got to set our dials forward and learn new dance steps. And, then, Glen, our dance cards will always be full. So, those who share this tribute with me, we’re not finished. We’ve got some dancin’ to do.