Interview [podcast] with a Closer – World Champ Eric Jones (pt 1)

On October 18th my friend and colleague, Eric Jones, won the World Long Drive Championship – for the second time.

He faced a daunting field that featured six former champions, including four Hall-of-Famers, who collectively held 14 past championships. Coming off rotator cuff surgery less than two years ago, Eric wasn’t sure he’d ever make it back to the winners circle. But he pulled it off – in true closer style – on his sixth and final shot.

It’s a remarkable story, with some valuable lessons for you. Click to listen.

To download, right-click Eric Jones Interview Part 1,
select “save link as”

And because I know the back-story of how meticulously he prepared and what his mind-set was as he stood on the tee in a do-or-die situation, I wanted to try something a little different – an interview with the athlete. I wanted to find out what Eric said to himself that allowed the closer within to emerge.

My Favor To Ask of You
Normally I am the one being interviewed. But I thought I’d try turning the tables to get the lesson direct from the athlete, and this is where the favor comes in:

I’d like you to let me know if you like this interview format.
Because if you find the podcast interview format helpful and informative, I’ll do more of them.

After working so many years as a Sport Psychologist I have access to some of the finest athletes, coaches, and thought-leaders in the world. I’d like to bring you their insights.

Here’s what I’d like you to do:
A. Listen to the Interview with Eric Jones above

B. Send me an email at with your thoughts and feedback. Or leave a comment right on this page.

Let me know:
1. Do you like the audio/interview format?
2. Did you find the content helpful and informative? How so?
3. What topics would you like to see covered in the future?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and perhaps even hearing, some day, your own Closer moment.

PS – Eric has created a wonderful training program to help golfers hit longer, straighter drives. It’s the same training program he uses to prepare for his World Championship tournament every year. If you follow his training program, I believe you’ll learn to hit the ball farther. With your driver … and with all your clubs.

I’ve used his program, and dozens of my clients have used it as well, with great success. It’s a program every golfer should have. The fundamentals he covers will help everybody.

5Keys-book-paperback-w1005-keys-product-dvdBut as a Sport Psychologist I’m especially impressed with his descriptions of the Pre-Shot Routine and the Post-Shot Routine. They’re the best I’ve ever read.

(It’s clear all the mentoring I’ve done with Eric had an effect … :))

Learn about Eric’s training program – THE 5 KEYS TO DISTANCE – by clicking the link. The program comes complete with a Book, DVD, and Online Training Site, and costs less than an hour lesson with the pro.


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