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Post Shot Routine Reviewed: Read what others are saying.

Interview with Jeff Brehaut: How he prepared for Champions Tour Qualifying.

Closers at the PGA

Jason Dufner Not only did Jason Dufner close in on the PGA championship with a virtuosos display of shot making, he demonstrated the most stoic post shot demeanor since Hogan. Dufner’s down-home manner beguiled his steel-trap focus, his total commitment to each shot and his ability to manage his emotions and thoughts. The ingredients of his post shot routine were an integral part of his Closer persona.

With Oak Hill showing it’s teeth on the weekend, there were enough misses to view a variety post-shot routines in action. Resiliency was everywhere! Bounce backs have got to be a prerequisite for Tour membership.

With the spotlight on Furyk and Dufner most of the last round, we observed a striking contrast between their post shot routines. Furyk took more time to replace and actually took a swing or a stroke immediately upon missing a shot. He was quite methodical. Dufner was Dufner. Their routines fit their personalities. As should yours.

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In November, 2012 Jeff Brehaut finished 2nd in the Champions Tour qualifying tournament. In an interview, I know you’ll find informative, Jeff talks about his preparation.

Jeff Brehaut 2013

What to listen for in part one

1. While teaching full time, learn how Jeff spaced and structured his limited practice time .

2. Listen to his thoughts on target awareness and trust…..and how he coached his students with the same performance preparation.

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