Performance Package CC

The Performance Package

Take a look at this package as your prepare for an important Competition.

This is a guideline for preparation beginning the day before the event.

You’ve checked your equipment, know the travel time to the course in all conditions, ironed your shirts and have surveyed the practice areas. Your swing and stroke are set. Your starting time and pairing are determined and now it’s on to performance.

Let’s look at five essential competition Routines. (Adapted from Neale Smith)

#1 Course strategy: Have a set routine to determine how you will play the course. Once you have set your strategy, stick with it unless there is an extenuating circumstance like a change in weather, or in contention with a few holes left that might dictate a risk/reward play. Review possibilities for all weather and course conditions.

Set your warm-up process for time allotment and shot selection.

#2 Set your pre-shot routine. Your SAT is reviewed and practiced – ready for all situations. This means to thoroughly check the set-up: your aim – wt distribution, ball position, clubface, posture, body lines and imagination (see the shot) No assumptions. Double check!

#3 You’ve practiced your post-shot routine. Love the great ones allowing the swing feel to flow deeply into your body/mind. After mis-hits, suspend judgment and complete your re-focus. Be ready for the next shot within 30 seconds max. Emotions must be managed before you can manage your game. How about no more then 10 steps to fully recover from any negative emotion.

#4 Your in-between shots routine. Always walk tall – el paseo del matador – head up to the tops of trees, clouds or space. Engage in conversation if appropriate. Stay present.

#5 A post-round routine. You might lose the game (round), but you’ll never lose the lesson. What can I take forward to my next practice session or competition?

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