Pete Carroll on Trusting Your Aim

Here’s a message for all you golfers from USC football coach, Pete Carroll, on trusting your aim.

On a typical practice day, early in the session, you’ll see Pete playing catch with an assortment of team managers.
Occasionally, he’ll get involved in a passing drill. Passes are at all distances and directions, and he drills them in consistently.

On the sideline is a hanging target about the same size and shape as a tire. From the middle of the field, Pete will throw trying to ring the bell. If he misses a loudspeaker booooos. On this day he missed the target on 5 or six tries.

Next, he runs to the sideline where I’m standing and says. “Amazing. I throw passes and never miss the target. (In this case the target is the chest of the receiver.) Then I get to the hanging target and try to aim and miss. Why not just trust that I know how to aim and throw. I know I’ll be more accurate. It’s like – this is from Zen and the Art of Archery – just letting the arrow shoot. Tell this to your golfers.”

The message translated is; focus your attention externally to the target and the shape of the shot, much like Pete is when playing catch. Trust your swing will follow.

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