Play with your imagination

Play With Your Imagination 
Stop thinking and play with your imagination!
While the players at East Lake this week understand the importance of technique as the foundation for improvisational golf, they also know that technique is best carried out through their imaginative/athletic minds.
The Imaginative/Athletic Mind: 
Our imaginative (athletic) minds are full of imagery, feeling, intuition, and sensory receptors. We connect with the environment through our senses rather than through our conscious minds. In terms of performance, especially with respect to golf, this means turning off the flow of information about the technical aspects of our swings that wants to flood in from the conscious mind. The problem with this technical information is that it overpowers the imagery and sensory nature of the imaginative (athletic) mind. Activating sensory information-visualization, feel, sound and touch-is required to reach top performance.
Of course acquiring effective technique is an essential aspect of “developing a game.” You can’t be thinking about technique when you play.
Keeping your minds in balance.
In order to play fully in your imaginative/athletic mind, it is helpful to understand that there are three distinct minds in which we process information-the conscious, emotional, and imaginative/athletic minds. Each has a significantly different effect on performance. Note: We’ve borrowed the three mind concept from Daniel
Goleman, Emotional Intelligence (1995). You’ll learn how neatly the three minds fit into training for and performing golf. Our Three Minds
Playing golf in the athletic mind requires more than the absence of technical thoughts. It requires the collaboration of your senses. You must be visually aware of the target, the ball flight, and your own swing. It requires kinesthetic awareness of your body position, balance, swing plane, and tempo. It also requires an anticipatory, auditory awareness of a well-struck shot. Finally, it requires a tactile awareness of the feel of the club at impact.
If you’ve previously experienced a Winning The Battle Within workshops or consultation, you’ll be impressed with a broadening of our signature inner-game drills, which facilitate play in your imaginative/athletic mind.
When it’s time to swing, great players forget about mechanics and rely on what their imaginative (athletic) minds tell them is the right shot for situations. Through our Self-Discovery/Inner-Game workshops you’ll learn to play consistently in your Athletic Mind. It’s a clear path to improvement.

If this is your first time through you’ll be amazed how effectively the

inner-game drills will uncover your most effortless swings. This is not hocus-pocus stuff. It really works. Click here for testimonials.

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