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Learn to play Automatically!
It’s the ultimate objective for golfers.
Playing the game in a seamless flow appears to require little effort or thought. In fact, though, your swing becomes automatic only when you practice enough so that your thoughts go, more or less, underground. Like a powerful river that seems almost serene at its surface, these currents are more powerful then they appear. When securely locked into their athletic minds top players keep those currents submerged.
The ultimate compliment to an athlete is that ‘he makes it look easy.’ In a way, the appearance that players don’t work hard at the game and yet
achieve marvelous results, reinforces our belief that somewhere there
is a magical-swing technique that will make the game easy for us. Don’t believe it. This is a highly destructive myth. There are no shortcuts.
The surest route to automatic play, which players like Scott have found effective, is to commit to the Self-Discovery Inner Game drills.

With a video to jump start the  

September 7, Scott McCarron will describe and demonstrate how he uses the Inner-Game drills to fuel his athletic mind. to play automatically.

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