Podcast Interview Testimonials

What some are saying about the first Eric Jones interview: 

Robert (9.3 index): That was brilliant……….I recall ……… an interview with young children on their preference for TV story telling and the same thing on radio. The kids thought that radio was better because ‘THE PICTURES ARE BETTER’. So were mine.

Barbara (golf coach). I found the interview technique to be really informative and easy to understand.  My interest was peaked by waiting for the answers from Eric.

Tommy (teaching pro): I’ve always felt that for me the impact of listening vs reading allows me to get the message clearer!

Kris (Senior player): Specifically, when Eric described the grid and wind sock, and aligning himself to the target, and feeling the ball coming back to center near the Remax logo, It all was crystal clear in my imagination.

Craig (golf coach): It certainly demonstrates the techniques (Winning The Battle Within) you teach…………enjoyed his comments on the steps he took to prepare himself for the situation.

Stuart (senior player and golf teacher):   The educational value is priceless.  I enjoyed how the interview with Eric tied into the article.  I love the interview format.

Lori (player) To have the opportunity to listen how someone closed out a competition is fantastic.

Andy: (Long time teaching professional) I was most intrigued by the emphasis on “contingency practice”.