Practice Area Honor

Remarks for the dedication of the Walter Chang Learning Center and Dr. Glen Albaugh Practice Facility

To have my name placed on this beautiful practice facility is a great honor and very humbling. With each decade of players, coaches and supporters passing through, with the beautiful sign as a reminder, there is a chance that some will remember Doctor Glen and that mighty fine short game. That’s a precious memory.

There are many to thank. It takes  a very special group to put a facility like this together… was spear headed by a very special Pacific Alumnus, Walter Chang. His commitment has been unwavering, a contagious driving force, which ignited interest among alumni and a wide ranging golf community…all great friends of Pacific Golf.

And to outgoing Athletic Director, Ted Leland, who gathered the main players for the final push. It’s ironic that Ted was my first graduate advisee when I arrived in 1971, and now, I’m part of his last official duty for a career framed by his skillful leadership and exceptional love for Pacific.

I would be remiss not to mention Tim Dickson, representing the Athletic Department, who mined the trenches for donations.

And the final piece for building the Learning center and practice facility..was a partnership with Barry Ruhl and Spanos Properties (best player in the early modern era…2nd in the conference championship 1975)…

And…….As a special surprise, at the 2017 Tiger Hunt, John Cook and Nick Zicarrdi secretly plotted with the Tiger Hunt committee to announce via a special slide show that the practice facility would be named after me..(my short game prowess noted). As you can guess, John and Nick have been intimately involved in the entire process.

I’ve been around Pacific golf from 1971…many fine players have come and gone…many honors accumulated…..and there will be so many more. Coach player relationships developed during those times are my treasure.

As a plus I’ve been invited to hang around a bit longer to watch this current group of motivated players to steadily carve out their niche in Pacific Golf lore.

It is quite a thrill for me to be part a golf facility which will be an integral part of Pacific Golf  for eternity.

For golf aficionados the “short game” is the great divider…the scoring shots…it keeps games together when their off kilter..For the current squad, and those players to come, you’ve got to be excited about honing your skills on these, which are now, hallowed grounds… savor the opportunity.

Now for a ceremonial shot..for those of you who have not witnessed my flowing swing you’re in for a treat.

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