Ryder Cup and The Performance Package

Develop Your Performance Package: What we can learn from the pressure packed Ryder Cup competition? Read other blogs!

There was high drama at Celtic Manor. The weather headlined the news for the first two days and when it cleared, the atmosphere was thickened with tension that caused even the most experienced players’ games to waiver.

The world-class repeatable swings, which normally can be trusted in even the most demanding situations, faltered. The density of the pressure created ‘choking’ everywhere. No surprise!

Of course that can happen to any of us when faced with triple press bets, play in our club’s horserace, or difficult, intimidating shots,

What happens??

The emotional mind works at breakneck speed as it receives negative emotions like fear, frustration, anger, and disappointment overwhelming a player’s ability to trust even the simplest of shots. You don’t get a warning signal before the emotions arrive. They come unannounced!

What we do next is a most important part of our performance package, just as it was for the Ryder Cup players. Be aware of the emotion as it arrives, neutralize its potency, and in time change the emotion. See:Manage your emotions to manage your game.

Once the emotion is recognized and changed, and we’re free of the negative charge, we can get back to trusting our swings. Often during the Ryder Cup competition, players were able to respond at the onset of a negative emotion, change it, and then deliver big-time clutch shots.

Over thinking and a constant reminder of the scores also ramp-up the tension. Scoreboards were everywhere. Coaches at every green. (Does the captain really need 4 assistant captains for 12 players?) And how about over analyzing every putt. Lots of unsolicited information.

How do I stand? How will my match affect the final outcome? I can’t let my team down! I’m two down! I’m even and…….. All very distracting.

I thought it was remarkable that players were able to block out the onslaught of information and still perform really well,

When the thinking brain – the score analyzer – combines with negative emotion it’s a wonder that players could even get a shot airborne. There could have been many more chunked chips and straight-in four footers left short. With all the distractions and pressure packed into the competitive environment, I marveled at the players’ abilities to filter out the emotions and match reports and still play some extraordinary golf.

You can do the same by developing your own performance package that will give you the best chance during pressure filled situations.

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