For Maximum Enjoyment and Lower Scores

Led by Dr. Glen Albaugh, noted sport psychologist and author of Winning the Battle Within, and his staff, lessons, consultations and workshop will focus on the highly acclaimed book’s principles for training into the “zone” of high performance. Dr. Albaugh shares his inner-game insights gleamed from a decade of collaboration with tour regulars like Scott McCarron, Charlie Wi, Spencer Levin, and Kirk Triplett. As an added bonus, you’ll learn how Hall of Fame coach Bill Walsh, Seahawks, football coach, Pete Carroll, and Stanford Women’s volleyball coach (5 time national champion), John Dunning, have woven Winning The Battle Within principles into their coaching philosophies and their approach to practice.



With Winning the Battle Within Workshops, lesson and consultations, you’ll experience Dr. Albaugh’s revolutionary inner-game trust drills, which lead you to: the perfect swing is simply the one you trust. You’ll learn about the performance package; new approaches to pre, post and in-between shot routines firsthand, which dozens of touring professionals worldwide already utilize. In cooperation with a variety of players—from tour players to players who dream of breaking one hundred—Glen Albaugh presents a cutting-edge approach to the game that is unparalleled in its wisdom and practicality.


You’ll learn revolutionary new approaches to pre and post shot routines – playing one shot at a time explained.

Specific inner game practice drills to increase trust and enhance on course play.

You’ll learn the value of being in a present time awareness state.

Make an evaluation of your mental game – learning to manage your thoughts and emotions.

Through discussion and practice you’ll learn about the zone, how to get there,  and how to stay there for extended periods of time.

Power your inner-game by playing with your imagination – seeing the shot and feeling the swing that matches what you see.

Becoming clear on your goals and the action plans that will bring you more enjoyment, steady improvement, and lower scores.