Inner-Game Coaching

The Coach of the Future: Coaching with The Inner-Game 

By coaching people instead of swings the Coach of the Future will not be just a fix-it coach, but a trusted mentor, a facilitator for learning, for more enjoyment, and a protagonist for Self-Discovery and Self-Coaching.
Coach of The Future will be well versed in the implementation of Inner Game principles for practice and performance.
Coaching for Self-Discovery generates a wealth of information for your students through their intrinsic, sensory-information bank. For example, by discovering the Rhythm and Tempo of a swing players can re-connect their systems, and miraculously, flow and trust will return.
The Coach of the Future combines inner-game drills with the structure of relevant training for technique and practice for performance sessions, including how to set-up and measure performance, with or with out advanced technology.
The benefit of Self-Coaching is learning how to walk from the practice tee to the first tee with a swing you can trust, with a fail-safe pre-shot routine, knowing you can manage your game, and are prepared for all novel situations.
Inner Game Drills explained and applied
Workshop: For Golf Coaches and Golf Professionals
Staff: Dr. Glen Albaugh, Expert Inner Game Performance Coach.
Eric Jones, 2014 NCPGA Teacher of the year, who has developed a cutting edge formula for determining how and what to practice, and for the measurement of performance. Can’t miss sessions.
Date: Monday, March 14, 2016…9:00 AM to 3:00 PM 
 The Evolution of the Inner-Game. 
References: Eric Jones, Tim Gallwey, Mike Murphy, Pete Carroll, Mike Hebron, Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott, Steve Yellin, and Michael Gervais
External and Internal feedback with the Inner-Game
Inner-Game Drills: An in-depth description. 
Coaching with Inner-game drills
Developing Awareness
Rhythm and Tempo.
11:45 Conference Room
Structuring Practice sessions
Measuring Performance
 1:00 On the range: 
Application of the Inner-Game:Training for Technique and Practice for Performance sessions.