Coaching College Golf

An Introduction to College Team Workshops

Coaching college golf is complicated. Recruiting, fundraising, travel plans, swing teachings, academic advising, practice management, and counseling are all part of the process.

The core principles of the highly acclaimed book, Winning The Battle Within, have been gleamed from the most effective methods of coaches, like you. delivers a systematic package designed to increase the efficiency of each player’s inner game.

Not only will help players win the internal battle, paramount to consistent play, it describes and implements practice sessions that increase the probability of high-level performance. has learned from the practice regimens of elite performers across a variety of domains (athletics, musicians, surgeons, and orators).

 Winning the Battle Within workshops, consultations, and tournament observations

Here are the unique features of the Winning The Battle Within package

  • The power of individual and team Goal Setting.
  • Awareness training sessions ~ Internal Feedback learning to coach yourself under pressure.
  • Determining best performance psychology for each player.
  • Emotional mind awareness training: Maintaining and Changing attitudes and behavior. ( uses the cutting edge emWave personal stress reliever program authored by the HeartMath Institute that is making a big impact on the professional Tours.) HeartMath
  • The Performance Package:  Pre, post and in between shot routines
  • Unlimited phone, fax and E-mail communication.
  • A Player’s Handbook
  • A signed copy of Winning the Battle Within will be available for each player.

Three ways to present the material to your team:

  • Four (4) Hour Presentation – Lecture – Questionnaires – Discussion – Demonstrations  $500
  • Seven (7) Hour One-Day Workshop – Lecture – Questionnaires – Discussion – Practice Area Drills  $900
  • Ten (10) Hour One and One Half Day Workshop: Lectures – Questionnaires – Discussion – Practice Area and On Course Applications – Tournament Consultations and Observations. $1500

Location: At your campus and practice facility – or – at The Reserve at Spanos Park Golf Center, Stockton, CA

All work will comply with NCAA Regulations.

Contact Glen Albaugh for schedule and fees @