Coaching Workshops

Our mission is to provide coaches and teachers with To reach that zone of high performance, to bridge the gap from technology to performance you’ve got to add structure, discipline and mental skills from the ever broadening field of sport psychology. To that end, Winning The Battle Within performance workshops are a perfect fit.



Dr. Glen Albaugh will host and facilitate all sessions.

The workshop will begin with a Scott McCarron video describing and demonstrating how he returned to high performance. After twenty five years of playing at the highest levels of golf and fully embracing the mental game, Scott’s insights into the journey to high performance, which includes his mentors, technique discoveries, practice protocol, journaling, and his performance package, are profound. Noting Scott’s excellent reputation as a TV commentator you can expect a quality presentation.

Eric Jones: 2014 NCPGA teacher of the year, World long drive champion…best selling books Five Keys to Distance, How to make a yardage book, and Play Strategic Golf, will feature the first public presentation of “the Clutch Player Formula”..eBook with Glen Albaugh…
How to develop awareness with technology. Practice drills, with record keeping
John Dunning: How performance coaching leads to Championships. How during his five national championships he learned to augment his legendary technique coaching with the mental game.
Nancy McDaniel (Cal Women’s Golf coach), Coaching the whole golfer: A Women’s perspective.
Addressing the challenge of balancing social, academic and athletic demands for female golfers and coaches. Preparing players for College level practice and competition.
Laird Small: Using scientifically-validated approaches to improve the art of coaching:
Accepting the fact that a swing will always be in some variable form, from day to day., practice and teaching can take on a more constructive approach. How he uses the inner game teaching technique
Dr. Kevin Sverduk: author of Performance psychologist for USC Men and Women’s Golf teams . Creating an individualized blueprint for high-level performance.  How to use record keeping to inspire accountability

Highlights from Survey which will be included in the workshop:

Small groups will be used for discussions and applied work in the practice areas.

Developing emotional mind awareness and control.
Inner balance (HeartMath and meditation)

Drills and practice plans which transition to on course play

How the top LPGA, PGA and college players use statistical data to train and play.

How to motivate students and team members to encourages curiosity and sustain enthusiasm for practice and play.
Describe and demonstrate a series of drills with accompanying record keeping.. Aps for digital recording. Pre and post round and practice checklists.
Journaling: the power of collecting personal data.
Goal setting for a diverse range of skill levels.

What are the latest findings regarding the search for a repeatable swing?
Exploding the repeatable swing myth and how it affects coaching and teaching.

How to help female high performance golfers balance social, academic and golf responsibilities.
Understand the effect Gender differences have on female coaches and athletes.

How to use the mental game (inner game) while teaching technique?

A search for consistency is a fools errand. Coaching instead to manage the variability of novel situations.

Create a culture of self awareness, self-discovery and self-coaching where athletes will learn to identify road blocks, and manage their actions and behavior during competition.