‘Dr. Glen Albaugh has made high performance a life’s pursuit.  He has always employed impeccable communication between coach and athlete.  Extraordinary information is only valuable when the athlete can translate it into his play!’  Pete Carroll. Seattle Seahawks

“Because we play in an every changing and flexible environment it’s essential to coach our players to respond to novel situations they’ll encounter on the course and to make their own on course corrections. This workshop will help you help your players to do this.” Laird Small, Pebble Beach Golf Academy, 2003 PGA Teacher of the year.

“The best coaches teach their players performance skills that make the transition from practice mode to competition mode seamless and natural. If you want to help your players transition to perform at their highest level, when it matters most, this workshop is a must.”Anne Walker, Stanford’s Women’s Golf Coach: 2114 National Champions and 2015 runner up.

“You are spot on with inner game concepts discussed and in particular, the core of mindset, preparation, rhythm, tempo, being present in the moment, and importance of post shot routine.” Dave Yukelson, Ph.D. Penn State Sport Psychologist

“We’ve learned so much from Dr. Albaugh over the years and have applied his practicing for performance lessons with great success.  I’m excited to see what new tricks he has up his sleeve!”  Cy Williams, coach UCDavis

Glen has been on the cutting edge of coaching for high performance education for 30 years. No matter how many times I attend one of his workshops I come away with several gems of knowledge. His self-coaching model is an empowering fresh approach to golf excellence. Kevin Sverduk, Ph.D Sport Psychology consultant for USC Men and Women’s Golf Teams.

There is no one better or more qualified then Dr. Glen Albaugh to organize & facilitate a workshop/seminar on “The Art and Science of Coaching.” Glen’s understanding and succinct description of “the mental game” coupled with his successful coaching and teaching of golf in the last 40+ years is second to none. I highly recommend this event for any coach/teacher that wants to improve their ability to enhance any golfer’s high performance. Taras “Terry” Liskevych, Ph.D. – CEO The Art of Coaching, Former Head Coach – USA National and Olympic Women’s Volleyball Team – 1985-1996

Glen, thanks for a great day. I always appreciate the fact that your teaching continues to evolve and that you open up self-discovery but also that you keep coming up with fresh new means to that end. I continue to learn from every class I have taken from you and will look forward to another session down the road. Conrad, leading senior amateur

“Dr. Glen Albaugh is a master at helping people explore themselves using the experience of golf. He has the wisdom and knowledge to help amateurs and professionals learn how to learn. Glen helps you unlock your mind, spirit and body so that you develop your own individual system of thinking, playing and learning about your game of golf.” Douglas C. Adams, Ph.D., Carmel, California

Here’s what coaches are saying…..“I’ve been working with Dr. Albaugh for over ten years now and I’ve incorporated many of his ideas into our practice sessions. Practicing for performance has helped us crack the top 15 in the national ranking (fall 2008) and helped us win two Conference Championships. Thanks Dr. Albaugh!” ~Men’s College Golf Coach

“In the past several years the workings of Dr. Albaugh with my college teams as well as my personnel experience has provide us with a solid foundation into our mental games. Our teams desire to continue to be at the top of Division II golf will be in our reach with Dr. Albaugh’s continuing support.”~Men’s College Golf Coach

“Dr. Albaugh has given me tools to teach the inner game to my students. He has developed mental tools and strategies that are specifically applicable to the game of golf and easily applied in each and every practice session. He does not use a blanket model of sport psychology; he has dedicated his life to making his work meaningful and applicable.”~Women’s College Golf Coach

“Our experiences with Glen have been excellent. He is forward thinking and open to the individual needs of every player. He is remarkable in that he can relate to every golfer regardless of experience or expertise. ” ~Women’s College Golf Coach

College Coach: “I teach my players most of the WBW golf drills, including tension-free, eyes closed, keeping the target in the mind’s eye and the nine-ball challenge drill. I want them to develop internal feel rather than react to external feedback coming from me.

Golf Coach: The inner-game drills are excellent for learning to play automatically.