Stirring Drama at The Masters

SF Chronicle writer, Ron Kroichick, has it right. The Masters unfolds on the same picturesque course every year… we’re familiar with all the dangers, and the eagle possibilities at 13 and 15…the back nine is a stirring stretch of golf.

Get set in front of your “flat screen,” or at your computer with Scott McCarron, and observe the best players in the world managing their games in a “major” competition pressure cooker. Watch how they use their pre-shot routines to prepare for each shot. Are they consistent in the manner in which they approach to the ball? At address do they take the same number of looks to the target? After the club face is set behind the ball, how many seconds does it take their swings to return to impact? Is it the same each time?

Pay close attention to their post-shot responses. Based upon their behavior, can you predict whether the shot was off or on? Then, using the many TV close-ups, study how they manage themselves in-between shots. On their missed shots can you tell when they’ve re-focused?

Now, using your observation data and the WBWgolf performance package, determine how your performance procedures stack-up with those of the best players? No one expects you to hit 300 yd drives or to place all your iron shots close to the pin, but you can up-grade how you prepare for each shot. And, you can learn to use your post and in-between-shot routines, just like they do, to more effectively manage yourself and your game.

Enjoy the compelling drama. The Masters will not disappoint.

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