Strategy for Each Shot Must Match Your Game

When developing a strategy in the first stage of your pre-shot routine, select a plan that fits your skill, that exact moment, and the situation. If you haven’t hit a cut shot in a month, or have not mastered the lob over a trap to a tight pin, during play is not the time to try. When you make that total commitment to a strategy, anxiety and fear are minimized, while self-confidence, the chance for trusting swings, and a positive attitude are maximized. Typically, the best players in the world, and probably the best players at your club, will select conservative strategies and then commit to an aggressive play. It is a strategy to which they can totally entrust. That can work for you as well. Remember, analyze the skills you have and commit to a strategy that fits your game. It really will give you the best chance for successful execution of each shot.

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