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 Winning The Battle Within

Winning the Battle Within Performance Lessons, Consultations, and Workshops 


Experiencing the Winning The Battle Within concepts with, Glen Albaugh, can be a real treasure for those who love to play golf. Not only will you come away with new and refreshing strategies for practicing and then taking your game to the course, you will make an extraordinary leap in your enjoyment of the game. Laird Small, Pebble Beach Golf Academy, 2003 National teacher of the year.

To reach that zone of high performance, to bridge the gap from technology to performance, you’ve got to add structure, discipline and mental skills from the ever-broadening field of sport psychology. To that end, Winning The Battle Within performance workshops and lessons are a perfect fit.


Becoming a Resilient Competitor: The Resilient Competitor platform is supported by the 3 legs of: Emotional Management, Rhythm & Tempo and Self Coaching. A player needs to be grounded Emotionally first, then build a Rhythm and Tempo skill set, and finally, to be able to Self-Coach to deal with the adversity of the round. Resiliency is the final product: a strong, mentally tough, quick to recover, irrepressible, buoyant, and confident player.

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Today’s technologically advanced golf industry has all sorts of ways to promote equipment and swings as the surest path to high performance.

Developing a “repeatable swing” and finding matching equipment is an important starting point for improved performance, but it’s merely the price of admission to the highest level of play.

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A search for the picture perfect swing, and the perfect equipment match, might remain out of reach for the rest of your golfing lifetime. So, just for now, trust me, and put that search on hold.

What would happen if you decided to go with what you have?  To trust your swing?  To play your game?  To finally commit to a procedure that allows you to execute your swing, and to accept the fact that within your performance package and practice regimens lies the key to an even more effective play.  You might find that the perfect swing is simply the one you trust.

The emphasis in our consultations and workshops are Self-Coaching, Emotional Management and developing Rhythm and Tempo.

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