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Hi Dr. Albaugh,    I wanted to personally write you and say “Thanks”.   I just purchased your book and look fwd to reading it.  I have listened to you on Podcast and am real excited about the possibilities of my game.
But case it point, it feels great when I can “stop thinking” and have fun:-).  Great perspective you have.  Sorry for the long email, but am a fan……Dennis Nuce

Taras (Terry) Liskevych, Head Women’s Volleyball Coach, Oregon State University

“I have known Glen for over thirty years and consider him an outstanding sports psychologist. Throughout my twelve years in coaching the USA National & Olympic Volleyball Teams and during my college coaching stints, Glen has provided invaluable counsel, advice and insight. His book “The Battle Within” is applicable to every sport and is a must have reference for your library. Glen has coached team and individual sports at top levels and coupled with his sports psychology knowledge & experience he is a “must have” coach for any competitor and/or team’s mental game.”

“I just finished your book and loved it, it speaks to me in ways I’ve always known to be the answers to a better game and life in general.” Gene Brown

Nick Watney: 2007 Zurich Classic of New Orleans Champion on the PGA Tour.

“Re-reading Winning the Battle Within during the week of the Zurich Classic had a lot to do with my winning. I especially like the post-shot routine.”

Martin Chuck Director of Golf.

“Winning the Battle Within is a terrific read – a must for my game, and all of my members. The section on how to learn golf skills is the best I’ve read.”

George Kelley:Owner Stevinson Ranch and Life Long Golfer

“After reading Winning the Battle Within, I made sure it would be a tee prize for my tournament – The Stocker Cup.”

Tommy Masters

Golf Professional, San Joaquin Country Club

“This will be required reading for my students regardless of their index, especially the sections on pre and post shot routines.”

Sarah Huarte

LPGA Tour Player

“Winning the Battle Within will be my bible as I prepared for the LPGA Tour, and now use in my teaching.”

Brandon Goethals Pacific’s Golf Coach

“Winning the Battle Within not only has great stuff for my coaching, it is a wonderful performance manual for my players.”

Rod Souza

Stockton Country Club Teaching Professional – Two Time NCGA Player of the Year

“I’ve worked with Glen since ’94, and I don’t read many books, but with the help of Mike Bowker he’s made Winning the Battle Within easy to read and to understand.”

Hilton Tudhope

13 to 6.1 index in two years

“Well, I can tell you that even after several readings of earlier drafts, I’m fully engaged with Winning the Battle Within. As I said once before, I think it’s a great and useful addition to the literature of this ‘Indecently Alluring’ game.”

Herbert Forster: Co-Director of, Europe. Coach German national Boy’s Team.

“I have read through the book many times, and it always brings back some of the great memories and feelings of lightful moments of trusting swings and enjoyable play.”

Laird Small

Pebble Beach Golf Academy: “It looks great! I am very proud of your accomplishment. There is no doubt that Winning the Battle Within has made a huge impact on the golf culture!”

John Dunning:Women’s Volleyball Coach, Stanford University

“Being familiar with Glen’s work for 20 years, I was not surprised by the quality of Winning the Battle Within, but it’s more then I expected. The section on practice and suspending judgment is first class, applicable to all sports.”

NFL Legend Bill Walsh calls it “One of the best books ever written on the mental approach to golf and sports.”