The Anatomy of a Pre-Shot Routine

The Anatomy of a Pre-Shot Routine!

Next time you watch the best players in the world perform, pay attention to the consistency and precision of their pre-shot routines. Although pre-shot routines may vary in pace, time, physical movements, starting places, and imaginative mind activity, the structure and components of each pre-shot routine do not. Try the SAT procedure to help organize your routine.
‘S’ ~ Pick a strategy that fits your game, the situation and your skill. Usually a conservative strategy is the best plan.
‘A’ ~ aim your body, club-face, and mind to the target.
‘T’ ~ trust your swing; let your swing go without conscious control.

It’s see the shot …
As you identify your pre-shot routine through experimentation and practice, the link between strategies, aiming and trust will become clearer. A precise, systematic pre-shot routine will give you the best chance for each shot. With practice, for example, once you’ve totally committed to a shot of your choice to the green, the aiming and trusting part of the SAT will follow automatically.

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