The Future of Coaching: An Active Learning Workshop

The Future of Coaching: An Active Learning Workshop
     Presented by Winning The Battle Within 
June 14, 2017
      at The Reserve, Spanos Park, Stockton, CA

Developing coach and player relationships to promote high-level performance and to uncover sources of player confidence and trust. An Active Learning Workshop
The relationship between the coach and the student/player will become more reliant upon facilitating learning rather than teaching. Shifting the flow of information from the coach to the player is not only an act of courage for the coach it is an act of trust and faith, from which supreme self-confidence emerges. A Coach will become a trusted advisor, a protagonist for Active Learning, Self-Discovery, Self-Coaching.
All sessions in the classroom and the practice areas will be interactive facilitated by our presenters.
Schedule: 8:30 – 4:00: The Reserve at Spanos Park, Diablo Room and Practice areas.


  • What is your Coaching/teaching philosophy? Core Values!
  • Using technology beyond data collection to develop awareness.
  • Coaching methods to develop internal feedback.  
  • Developing a Championship Culture.
  • Understanding a Coaches World: Coordinating instruction, mental game, conditioning, technology, performance, equipment.
  • Developing Coach/Player relationships, which build Self-Efficacy and Self-Confidence.
  • What we can learn from sport team coaches for
    organization of practice and competition preparation.
  • Measuring the Inner Game through self-evaluation.
  • What a coach can learn from Motor Learning research.
  • Preparing your players for Novel Situations: sorting through irrelevant and relevant information.
Featured Presenters:  
Eric Jones: NCPGA 2014 Golf Professional of the year, 2016 NCPGA Horton Smith Award. National leader in the use of technology to increase awareness.
Scott McCarron: Five time winner on PGA and Champions Tours.. How he restored his High-Level game by combining technique, the inner game and quality practice.
John Dunning: Five Time National Women’s Volleyball Championships at Stanford and The University of the Pacific. Nationally renown teacher of individual skills, practice organization, and building a championship culture.
Dr. Glen Albaugh: Through numerous workshops, presentations and his highly acclaimed book, Winning The Battle Within, has been a mental game leader: “How to take your players to highest-level of performance through Self-Discovery and Self-Coaching.”
Fee: $95   for NCPGA members      $ 125  for non members. Any non NCPGA member who registers by May 1 will play the member fee of $95
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Includes: Continental breakfast, lunch and handouts
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Are you ready to take your coaching, your teaching and your teams to the next level? You’ll receive LPGA and PGA credits. Join us at The Reserve, Spanos Park, Wednesday, June 14.
“Trust Your Swing: eBook” by Eric Jones and Glen Albaugh will be unveiled.

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