The Path to More Enjoyment and Lower Scores

The Path to More Enjoyment and Lower Scores
For More Enjoyment and Lower Scores!
Wouldn’t it be great to walk from the practice to the first tee knowing you had a swing you could trust…knowing that you could manage yourself and your game…knowing that you had a fail-safe pre shot routine…knowing that you could bounce back quickly from missed shots. …knowing how to play the game from the inside?
That would mean turning off the flow of information about the technical

aspect of your swing that can flood your mind and unleashing your Athletic mind, which with lightening speed, connects your senses to the image and flow of your swing.

This “Quick Fix” path to More Enjoyment and Lower Scores begins by embracing our signature Self-Discovery-Inner-Game drills, which ask you to imagine those rounds when you had an uncanny feel for your swing and uninterrupted images of your shots.

Then we’ll show you how to capture those images by unlocking your athletic mind. You’ll be surprised how an awareness of targets, a feel for tension free swings, a sense and feel of impact can affect the flow of your swing. This is the quickest path to More Enjoyment and Lower Scores. 

Because the average golf swing takes approximately two seconds to complete, trying to think about your swing while swinging is the surest path to disaster. Try thinking about the movement next time your walking down stairs, executing a new dance step, or hitting into a back left pin. With your Athletic mind operating at a speed of at least 1,000 faster than your conscious mind, you’ll fly down the stairs, flow to the rhythm of the music, and allow your imagination to fly that 7 iron onto the green.

Frequently asked questions and testimonials about our Self-Discovery Inner-Game workshops and lessons.  
Is the material applicable for all playing levels, or just for Elite players? 

If you play regularly, practice occasionally, and are looking for more enjoyment and lower scores, the sessions are for you.
Juniors will learn to play like the best college and professional players.
Lady club players will learn to enjoy the game even more
All others will get much more out of their games through the Self-Discovery workshops
Are the workshops and/or lessons affordable? 
Yes with a variety of packages.
One hour…….$100
Three Hours…$200
Pair up for a three hour workshop…$300

If interested in small group 4-6 hour workshop

The Ryder Cup 2016: 
All the golf world is anticipating the Ryder Cup, which is hosted by the Hazeltine National Golf Club, September 27-October 2. If you observe closely you’ll recognize the smooth flowing motions of the elite athletes. How well will the best in the world allow theirAthletic Minds to play with their imaginations?
Don’t hesitate to discover your Athletic mind. Sign up now respond here. Indicate your lesson or workshop preference.

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