The Walk of the Matador

The walk of the matador is deeply entrenched in the lore of Winning the
Battle Within.
While El Matador faces possible death on the horns of the Bull, a golfer
faces the challenge of performing under pressure and re-focusing after
The walk begins as El Matador enters the plaza de toros in rhythm with
Paseo Nobles (music), facing possible death on the horns of the Bull with
posture, courage and passion. El Matador does strut his stuff!
Similarities continue, as the golfer imitates the walk of the matador by
walking into each shot and continuing the walk in between each shot.
The walk is so important to the Matador that the grand teachers of
Toreros teach the young ones posture and the walk before the bull fighting
skills of sword, cape and footwork.
If the walk is not just right the bull will know and el matador could die.
If the golfer walks into a shot without posture, passion, commitment and
trust, he will not die, but surely a miss-hit will follow.
So, use El Paseo del Matador in your pre-shot and in between shot
routines. Stand behind the ball as you commit to your strategy and say,
just before you start your walk to address the shot, “Yo soy el Matador.”

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