Tom Watson at The Open

Like many of you I want to remember everything except Tom’s putt for par on the 72nd hole. I wanted to watch every swing, every chip, every putt even the last 9 footer. 72 holes were not invalidated by one putt and the anti-climax of the playoff.

What was most compelling for me, was his performance. It was a performance that broke through what we thought were the limits of human possibility. What Tom did was beyond my expectations, but probably not his. His quotes continually said, “I’m ready for this, I’m very comfortable here at Turnberry. The course fits my eye.” My guess is Tom summoned an additional force from within, and from what I witnessed, and he later described, it was a spiritual experience.

We can hail Stuart Cink’s win, but as my friend Lyman VanSlyke said, “ his win will never inspire and enlarge me like Tom’s play. That was enough….almost enough.”

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