What is your SAT score?

What is your SAT score?

The Anatomy of a Pre-Shot Routine: What is your SAT score?

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Next time you watch the best players in the world perform, pay attention to the consistency and precision of their pre-shot routines. Although pre-shot routines may vary in pace, time, physical movements, starting places, and imaginative mind activity, the structure of each pre-shot routine does not. Try the SAT procedure to help organize your routine.
  • Strategy: Select a strategy that fits your game, the situation and your skill. Usually a   conservative  strategy is the best plan 
  • Aim your body, clubface, and mind to the target, and 
  • Trust your swing; let your swing go without conscious thought.

Together it’s see the shot, feel the swing that matches what you see and trust what you see and feel.
As you identify your pre-shot routine through experimentation and practice, the link among strategy, aiming and trust will become clear. A precise, systematic pre-shot routine doesn’t guarantee great shots, but it will guarantee you the best chance.
With practice, for example, once you’ve totally committed to a shot of your choice – to the middle of the green, or down the left side of the fairway – the aiming and trusting part of the SAT will follow automatically.
To determine your SAT score note what percentage of the time, during your last round, did you totally committed to each shot, precisely aim, and trust your swing. Providing you reached 80% in each category, you’re eligible to enter the University of Winning The Battle Within. Congratulations!

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