What’s next for Pete Carroll and The Seahawks

Agony and Ecstasy 28………………Ecstasy and Agony 24

Super Bowl #49

With a stirring comeback The New England Patriot’s captured their fourth Lombardi trophy! Their legend grows!

After such a stunning reversal of fortunes, how will the Seahawks cope and what will they do next?

In a February 3rd, Monday morning Facebook post:


Sport has a special way of taking center stage…the curtain drops on the super bowl, but back stage discussions linger on…That Monday morning, I read through a set of creative Facebook posts (there were more than 100)..most in good humor….giving tribute to the Brady/Belichik Dynasty and rightfully so, and taking shots at the Seahawk’s controversial goal line call….the pass is complete…Pete Carroll’s a genuis, and we’re wondering why Belichick didn’t call time out…but that’s not the way it ended….But what a finish it was..let’s love the epic clash…the courageous play…the compelling competition….truly a game for the ages….
15 Years of Excellence

Back on Stage:
Tom Brady and his supporting cast were brilliant…..coach Belichick, who’ll be in the Hall of Fame on the first vote, prepared them well. New England’s ability to sustain excellence over 15 years, improbable in the salary-cap era, is being studied by coaches, owners, journalists, and general managers across the NFL and by sport cultures around the world. It’s a fascinating story. Whatever your affiliation the Patriots Way is well-worth your attention.

What’s next for Pete Carroll and the Seahawks?

As Michael Gervais said, “the challenge ahead is not ‘what if,’but how to deal with such a sudden turn of events.”

“….what a tough ending….to a fantastic season.
Loss is such a powerful emotion – and it’s amazing that loss of a game can trigger the depth of loss that is typically reserved for loosing a loved one.”

“This will hopefully help shape perspective for some – and reinforce perspective for others.”imgres-1

Within moments after the goal line interception by Malcom Butler, Pete Carroll’s focus went directly to “what I must do now.” I’m responsible to the entire Seahawk organization.

Now it’s helping all those around him to gain perspective…..to call upon the resilience, which is central to the Seahawk culture..that’s the capacity to prepare for challenge, and recover from adversity….you’re able to bounce back and recoup faster after a challenging situation. Pete Carroll’s resilience battery has always been fully charged. He’s demonstrated over time an inherent ability to move forward. Now he has an opportunity to tighten his inner circle always searching for a competitive edge. And what an opportunity it is!
Peter King’s “The Seahawks New Aim,” in-depth article spells out the Seahawk plan.                                                                                                                    Moving Forward

For more listen to Matt Lauer’s (Today show host) compelling interview with Pete Carroll on the decisions around the play call, and the steps Pete will take to cope with the dramatic end to the season, and make the Seahawks even stronger.

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