Winning The Battle Within Seminars

“No matter how hard it tries, by spotlighting equipment technology and swings, the golf industry will not kill the inner game.” The Kingdom of Shivas Irons, by Michael Murphy.

Today’s technologically advanced golf industry has all sorts of ways to promote equipment and swings as the surest path to high performance.

Developing a “repeatable swing” and finding matching equipment is a starting point for improved performance, but it’s merely the price of admission to the highest level of play.

To reach that zone of high performance, to bridge the gap from technology to performance you’ve got to add structure, discipline and mental skills from the ever broadening field of sport psychology. To that end, Winning The Battle Within performance workshops are a perfect fit.

Consider this! A search for the picture perfect swing and the perfect equipment match, which is endlessly promoted by the golf industry – that’s the main stream of cash – might remain out of reach for the rest of your golfing lifetime. So, just for now, trust me, and put that search on hold.

What would happen if you decided to go with what you have?  To trust your swing?  To play your game?  To finally commit to a procedure that allows you to execute your swing, and to accept the fact that within your performance package and practice regimens lies the key to an even more effective play.  You might find that the perfect swing is simply the one you trust.

There is no guarantee that you will swing like a PGA tour player by adopting Winning the Battle Within principles, but with application and commitment it means you can learn to think and practice like one.  And that leads you to improved play and more enjoyment. Who can ask for anything more!

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