Wison and Brehaut 2013

Remarks from the tormented coach.

If we had the opportunity to re-do the senior year for Jeff and Jeff and the coach, we might have done a couple of things differently. But doing things over is not available. It’s what’s happening now that matters most.

The body of work that both Jeff’s have up for review is what counts. Becoming elite golfers is clear. And they’ve got to be proud of that. In the midst of their devotion to their games they’ve been able love their families, raise good kids, cherish friendships (lots of Archania guys and each other), contribute to the TEA PARTY, and lead relatively balanced lives. Among the smartest things they did was to find Hilary and Vickie.

As all of you know, they’re rightfully in the Hall of Fame at Pacific, remain loyal to the golf program and contribute yearly to the Glen Albaugh retirement account.

Some of the foundation for the path each has chosen was formed at Pacific. And now, what a great story it is on the eve of playing together in the Senior Open.

You have a couple things left to do and that’s to trust your games on the old guys biggest stage. And find a 2011 Camry with low mileage.

Play well,