Your best golf is played in imaginative paragraphs. ARTICLES

images-1A letter to an Unknown golfer.

Recently, a writer friend of mine told me that his favorite essay was rejected again. He thought he had crafted a compelling, can’t – miss piece about an adventure-filled rafting trip down the Snake River canyon. The river runs down the canyon, often at break neck speeds, over frightening class 5 rapids.

There were endlessly descriptive paragraphs of running the rapids, of the natural beauty of the canyon walls that reach from the river’s edge to the sky, and of the abundance of wildlife. The heart of the essay – after starting to read it I couldn’t put it down – were the dynamics of the three close friends forging even stronger bonds over the seven-day journey. The compassion, cooperation and often-intense negotiations were artfully described.

Knowing my friend as I do, there is no doubt that the essay will be re-submitted after a careful review, insights from trusted colleagues, and some careful editing. But he knows it’s quality writing and will be accepted.

You see, it much like what players experience, at some point during the season, on the professional and amateur tours. They know they’ve ‘written’ an ‘A’ game that is Tour caliber. Just like my friend writes, elite athletes play in imaginative paragraphs. There just may be a sentence, an adjective, or a phrase that needs tweaking. But with the help of your mentors, and a commitment to quality practice, you’ll discover the performance keys and re-submit. Your creative masterpiece – your golf game – will find its way to the right publisher. We can hardly wait to read it.